Helen Chantler and Marc Choyt, a husband and wife team, started our company in 1995.  Previously, Marc was an English teacher at a school for Native Americans.  Helen was a jeweler working for another company.  The company grew tremendously for the first many years, and  at one point, we were selling our jewelry in hundreds of stores and catalogs and in North America.  However, since 2009, we have quit the trade show circuit and have been focusing on our websites, www.ArtisanWeddingRings.com and www.CelticJewelry.com, and our Santa Fe jewelry store.

We are best known for our unique and unusual designer wedding rings and contemporary Celtic jewelry.  Our two-tone, mixed metal fabrication techniques are rooted in traditional southwestern jewelry.  We do not design using computer CAD programs, though sometimes we do carve wax models.  Pieces are hand cut and stamped from sheet metal before being formed. This technique gives the work a refined yet hand hone look that stylistically has been a key to our success.

Our Ethical Jewelry Commitment

We make our product with recycled sterling silver and gold in a studio adjacent to our Santa Fe jewelry store.  We also offer fair trade gold upon request and have a variety of ethically sourced gemstones.  Marc is a prominent figure in the International ethical sourcing jewelry community.   He founded Fair Jewelry Action, an environmental justice and human rights organization within the jewelry sector and is considered a leading authority  on fair trade and fair mined jewelry issues. As a journalist, he has published seminal articles  in trade and consumer publications.  Jewelers That Care  honored Choyt in 2010 for his global impact on ethical sourcing issues in the jewelry sector. In 2012, he was named as an honoree for Sustainable Leadership for the State of New Mexico for his activities in the jewelry sector.

We recycle as much as we can in-house and use chemicals that are not damaging to the environment whenever possible. All packing material is either from shredded junk mail or it’s recycled from what is received from our suppliers.  To power up our studio and Santa Fe jewelry store, we pay extra for electricity which comes from wind and solar sources.  Our main international supplier in works on a fair trade basis and uses only recycled metal in production.

Our Employee Policies

Our ten fulltime employees receive two to three weeks paid vacation, paid sick leave and several paid holidays. The company covers 50% of health insurance. Employees also receive bonuses based upon sales, and a “wellness” benefit, where the company matches up to $75 dollars a month that employees can use for anything from working out at the gym, to yoga, to meditation retreats.  All employees work on flex-time, which allows them to deal with family matters as they come up.   Five employees have bought houses in Santa Fe while working for the company.

The company’s mission statement is: “Reflective Images, Inc. is a profitable, creative and self-sustaining jewelry company that produces beautiful designs of consistently high quality in a timely fashion. We strive to be environmentally responsible. People employed here are invested in the company’s success. They are valued for their contributions and for who they are. The business’ profitability supports each employee’s humanity, wholeness and desire to lead meaningful lives.”

Awards and Recognition

We have been honored for both our activities on behalf of ethical sourcing for the jewelry sector, and for our business practices.

2012:  Marc Choyt is named as an honoree for Sustainable Leadership   for the State of New Mexico for his activities in the jewelry sector.

2010:  Choyt in honored by Jewelers That Care for his global impact on ethical sourcing issues in the jewelry sector.

2008: Reflective Images was honored for its  Excellence in Business Award   offered by the City of Santa Fe and Chamber of Commerce for its business practices, contribution to the local community and the jewelry sector as a whole.

2006: Finalist for Outstanding Community Business. The Mayor and City Council of Santa Fe recognized Reflective Images in June, 2006 as one of Santa Fe’s top five businesses, based on charitable contributions, job creation, diversity in the work place, wages, and benefit package

2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009, Superior Supplier, OC Tanner Corp. OC Tanner is the leading Premium and Recognition company in the world. They have over 300 vendors and name just three as superior suppliers.