Custom Designs


CUSTOM JEWELRY DESIGNS IS OUR SPECIALTY If you want something unique and just for you or a loved one, you’ve come to the right place! We are a designer jewelry studio. We specialize in custom design pieces that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. Even though we have created thousands of original designs over the years, often our customers want something created special, just for them. Whether your idea for a new piece is an entirely original belt buckle, custom ring, custom pendant or earring, or a modification of one of our existing designs, we can do it. buckle On this page you’ll find just a few samples of the many designs we’ve created in collaboration with our many customers. The horse shoe belt buckle with the giant ruby and diamonds was created for someone local who owned a beautiful ranch. The flower piece was created especially for one of Helen’s friends who was having a kidney transplant. The hand and heart Helen created for a local dula who wanted to give a gift to women whom she assists in the dilivery of babies. Using your gemstones We can take your existing gemstones and implement them into one of our designs or a custom design of your choosing. Even if your gemstone is in a piece of jewelry, it does not matter. We’ll remove the gemstone and give you 93% of the gold spot value of the piece you trade in. Then we will put the gemstone in a design of your choice, as we have in these samples below. In the case of the pendent with diamonds, we used white gold and yellow gold instead of gold over silver. Custom Rings In the case of creating a custom design from a ring, we often have to create a wax. Once we have your concept, we will create the piece, carving it by hand. From there, we will get your approval and move to create the final version of the piece. As you can see, as much as we love Celtic design, we have a range that extends well beyond any particular style… Any Gemstone You Want! If you want one of our pieces but you do not see available with the gemstone you want, give us a call! We have access to just about any gem type in the world. Often people have asked us to create a custom piece with a particular set of small birthstones to represent members of a family. In this case, we will try first to obtain the gem from a dealer who specializes on ethical sourcing. If this is not possible, we will source from a dealer who sells jewels that may not be traceable to source. Variations of our designs We can also work with variations of our designs. With a ring, we can vary the width or add greater or fewer gold accents. We can make just about any piece entirely in gold or entirely in silver. We can also change the design slightly as we have in these pieces shown here: Creating Something Completely Original We can design something completely from an idea, to a sketch and then to a finished piece of jewelry. Here’s an example of how Helen worked from a concept of a wolf to a finished wolf pendant: Helen particularly loves doing custom pieces for people who want to have a talismanic design that represents a special animal. Here’s an owl design that she created as a fund raiser for Wild Earth Guardians, a non-profit environmental group located in Santa Fe, NM, just down the road from our studio. Now you have a taste of what is possible! To start, we need detailed information of your custom design idea so that we can begin to put together a quote. Please contact our office by telephone at 888-733-5238 X20. You can also send us an email ( We look forward to working with you soon!