Thank you so much for participating in our contest! There were so many inspiring entries, it was hard to choose. And yet, we have our winners:

Winner: Fran O'Neill

"The cycle of life above and below woven together forever to flow. Breathe out and breathe in, the morning, the night. The wisdom of Celts at my left and my right."

Fran will receive the Arbor Pendant.

Runners Up: (Receiving $25 Gift Certificates)

Terri Selbe Jorgensen:

"good hearted peridot silver circled trance; hearts entwined, love divined, of Celtic garden dance."

Cat Mathiot:

"Primrose petals picked by patient passing winds, are planted to sprout forth the portrait of the circle of life. Yet, as they fall, they dance as lovers to the tune of the most beautiful love song ever sung throughout all of Creation, sung by the greatest Lover of all. A Lover whose most passionate act of love to Their Creation was a seal: a sweet, lingering kiss of eternity."

Special Category: Most humorous: $20 Gift Certificate.

Mary Conant:

"I cannot complete with all the woo woo. Just give me the damn pendant."