Thanks to everyone that entered our Shona Pendant writing contest...we received many beautiful entries.


The winner is: Cheri Lynn Fry

"This is the perfect symbol of Celtic Heritage...intertwined threads of faith, love, beauty and life creating a sphere that is the Celtic world."


Runners Up:

These five entrants will receive $20 gift certificates good on a purchase at CelticJewelry.com. Please send your email address to janet@celticjewelry.com to claim your prize.


Donna Logan: "The Shona pendant reminds me of life. The paths we choose, the times our choices intersect with others and how happy we can be when surrounded by swirls of energy from loved ones."

Nancy Pernini Mako: "Interlocking pathways which reminds me of how our lives intertwine with so many people who shape who we are and help us along our journey."


Lisa Brightstar Claudedebussy: "The sacred circle, four directions.. Independent we stand as individuals, at the same time we are woven into the intrinsic tapestry of life. Strength comes from the center; of knowing ourselves , our souls, and being well rooted there. Reaching outwards, we add strength to our community, to our friends , all beings… ALL ways individual and all ways a part of the tapestry of life on this sacred planet."


Melanie VanHuss : "To me this piece symbolizes life’s journey. Through many twist and turns, the highest waves and the lowest troughs, throughout the four directions, we strive for balance and harmony within and without, thus guiding us on a spiritual path from darkness to light."


Angel Wench: "Looking at this beautiful pendent gives me a feeling like one has when being hugged...safe...loved...so many voices thru the centuries that still whisper in the wind that plays along the trees...for the ancestry that comes with that symbol is one i would say most certainly evokes the true feeling of serenity."