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Kells Cross Pendant Silver

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Our Kells Cross pendant is a traditional Celtic Cross.

Sterling Silver Chain*

  • Our Kells Cross pendant is a traditional Celtic Cross. Two sterling silver beams intersect to form this cross while the Kells knot sits at the intersection, symbolizing connectedness of Spirit and Earth. The perfect gift for a First Communion or Confirmation. Shown in .

    Dimensions: 1 3/8" Long x 7/8" Wide

    Kells Knot: The Kells knot is based upon the square. The square is a shape not commonly found in nature. One exception is that of plant cells, which gives a hint as to what a square might mean. The knot work represents structure and foundation. A square can also deal with communication, since we have five senses and it is best if they work together in order for us to have ease in the world. With the square positioned as a diamond, the upward pointing vertical line represents spirit, and the downward pointing line represents matter or earth.

    Designer: Helen Chantler

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