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Bee Earrings with Ethiopian Opal

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Bee Earrings with Ethiopian Opal
  • The Bee happens to be our logo here at Reflective Jewelry, or as we like to call it "our tiny mascot". As we all know, the bee is currently on the endangered list, becoming less and less common. Ironically, artisanal small-scale jewelers are becoming less and less common as well, but there has been a recent surge of support in the artisan community and movement, partially due to the blossoming support from people like you. Thank you for your commitment to the arts!

    14K Gold over Silver

    Dimensions: 1 1/16" x 5/8"

    Meaning of Knot
    This knot, though small, is fairly complex. On the one hand, this knot has an oval shape, symbolizing creativity and fertility. Yet, the end of the oval design is pointed, which represents specific direction and intent. Within the design are two triangular knots which also indicate a strong direction. From a completely different perspective, the motif resembles a leaf, which grows and brings nutrients to plants through sunlight and water.

    Designer: Helen Chantler

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