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July's Birthstone: Ruby

Ruby, July’s Birthstone, is a gem traditionally associated with royalty. It is strongly associated with raw power, passion, vitality, and intensity. Just be careful how you wield it— ruby is a double-edged stone.   Read More > or view our Ruby Collection

Holly: July's Tree

Holly is the Celtic Zodiac Tree for July 7 - August 4. The Holly Moon was called Tinne by the Celts. It lasts from a few weeks after the summer solstice through early August, a few days after one of the most important Celtic ritual seasonal holidays- Lughnasa. Why did the Celts choose the holly tree at this time of year? Can it help us, today, as a kind of “medicine” for our own calendar year? Read More >

Wedding Tradition: Throwing Rice

The Celtic wedding tradition of throwing rice on the newlyweds is extremely old and predates Christianity. The Celts were not only warriors, but also agriculturalists. Celts were farming various forms of wheat, barleycorn, and even oats, rye and millet which seem to have been introduced during the Iron Age. All of these may have been used as blessing foods for such ceremonial uses.  Read More >



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