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August Birthstone: Peridot

If you are haunted by vague terrors in the night-- those meandering demons, night hags and phantoms that wander bedside between the arsenic hours of two and four, when sleep is as illusive as hems from the moon's yellow skirt-- peridot might be just the gem for you. Read more > or view our Peridot Collection

Hazel: The Tree of August

Hazel is the Celtic Zodiac Tree from August 5 to September 1. The Hazel Tree is tied to inspiration and wisdom. How can we begin to understand this time of year as the ancient tribal people of Europe once did? We can begin by looking around at what is taking place in the yearly cycle. August is the time when the summer ripens and mellows. The pumpkins are green, their orbs increasing in size by the day. Occasionally, a hint of autumn drifts throiugh the air. Read more >

Wedding Tradition: Throwing Rice

The Celtic wedding tradition of throwing rice on the newlyweds is extremely old and predates Christianity. The Celts were not only warriors, but also agriculturalists. Celts were farming various forms of wheat, barleycorn, and even oats, rye and millet which seem to have been introduced during the Iron Age. All of these may have been used as blessing foods for such ceremonial uses.  Read More >



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