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April Birthstone: Diamond

The diamond — a pure, essential form of carbon set in a ring and held by a man on his knees — represents commitment, fidelity and the beauty of matrimony. But the diamond has other traditions and uses as well, long forgotten.                     Read more > or view our Diamond Collection




The Willow Tree: Celtic Tree Zodiac for April/May

Willow is the Celtic Zodiac Tree for April 15th - May 12th. Willow is tied deeply to this time of year, which marks great growth and emergence. What has been latent and gathered in the depths of winter now begins to really leap forth.    Read more >


The Wedding Ring and the Celtic World

In the Celtic world, wedding rings were made popular through the influence of the Romans and Christianity. In Celtic culture, marriage was treated like a contract between equals. Each contributed an equal amount of wealth to the marriage — and if one survived the other, they would inherit all. 
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