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November Birthstone: Topaz

While many of the birthstones we know today have been changed over the millennia, topaz is one gem that is almost universally accepted as November’s birthstone. It is the gem of the zodiac sign Sagittarius — a mutable fire sign always striving on a passionate quest, full of intellectual intensity.    Read more > or view our Topaz Collection




Reed: Celtic Tree Zodiac for November

The time of the reed corresponds to the Celtic New Year, which falls on October 31st. If you are intimate with the cycles of light and how they affect you, this time of year is when the land itself supports your efforts to reconcile with the past. The harvest is over. What is left from those efforts to grow?    Read more >


Samhain: Why We Feel "Edgy"

We have reached the boundary between this Celtic year and the next, with the festival of Samhain, which is October 31. You may have heard this boundary expressed as the “veil” between worlds, which is said to be at its thinnest on this day, allowing many folks to feel a closer connection with the spirits of our ancestors.   Read more >


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