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August Birthstone: Peridot

If you are haunted by vague terrors in the night—those meandering demons, night hags and phantoms that wander bedside between the arsenic hours of two and four, when sleep is as illusive as hems from the moon's yellow skirt — peridot might be just the gem for you.    Read more > or view our Peridot Collection




Hazel: Celtic Tree Zodiac for August

The people who saw the deep and abiding alliance between the trees, months, and lunar cycles tasted the seasons intimately — for their survival depended upon this relationship. They chose to see August through the lens of the hazel tree. The Celts called this time Coll, which roughly translates as inner life force — pointing to the connection between essential life energy and this segment of our seasonal cycle.     Read more >


The Meaning of Celtic Knots

We are often asked, "What is the meaning or symbolism in this Celtic ring?" We start first by recognizing that Celtic knots are composed of various lines, weaving to create shape and form. You can understand the meaning of the knots by engaging with the meaning of these forms.    Read more >


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