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July Birthstone: Ruby

Lore from Indian and medieval Christian writers describe rubies as carrying an inextinguishable inner fire so intense that it glows through clothing just as one's passion can not be obscured by what one might be wearing. However, the passion contained within rubies can burn both ways.     Read more > or view our Ruby Collection




The Holly Tree: Celtic Tree Zodiac for July

The Holly Moon was called Tinne by the Celts. It lasts from a few weeks after the summer solstice through early August, a few days after one of the most important Celtic ritual seasonal holidays — Lughnasa.     Read more >


The Wedding Ring and the Celtic World

In the Celtic world, wedding rings were made popular through the influence of the Romans and Christianity. In Celtic culture, marriage was treated like a contract between equals. Each contributed an equal amount of wealth to the marriage — and if one survived the other, they would inherit all.    Read more >


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