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June Birthstone: Pearl

The Pearl is a miraculous symbol of the healing process. The oyster, living in pure waters, transforms what is not part of itself, that small alien grain of sand, into something entirely different — which lovers of pearls might call divine.   Read more > or view our Pearl Collection




Oak: Celtic Tree Zodiac for June/July

The period between June 10th + July 7th holds the longest days of the year. We are leading up to the summer solstice, the rising of solar energy, and tipping point when light actually begins to decrease and there is a movement toward decline. In response to the light, life + growth in the plant world approach a fevered pitch. The work now determines the harvest later.    Read more >


The Meaning of Celtic Knots

We are often asked, "What is the meaning or symbolism in this Celtic ring?" We start first by recognizing that Celtic knots are composed of various lines, weaving to create shape and form. You can understand the meaning of the knots by engaging with the meaning of these forms.    Read more >


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