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June Birthstone: Emerald

The Pearl is a miraculous symbol of the healing process. The oyster, living in pure waters, transforms what is not part of itself, that small alien grain of sand, into something entirely different—which lovers of pearls might call divine.   Read more > or view our Pearl Collection




The Hawthorne Tree: Celtic Tree Zodiac for May/June

This time of year the dose of sunlight rises each day toward the long fuse of Solstice. In the Celtic Tree Zodiac, the period from May 13th to June 9th is represented by Hawthorn—or huath as it was called in old Irish.   Read more >


The Wedding Ring and the Celtic World

Wedding Rings date back to the time of the Egyptians, perhaps even further back. Originally, they were made of woven plant fiber such as papyrus or certain grasses. These were later replaced by sturdier materials, leather, bone, and eventually iron by the time of the Romans. Though gold rings did exist, they were less commonly used up to this point in history for betrothal and weddings.   Read more >


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