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September Birthstone: Sapphire

An old Vedic story from India describes the demon god, Vela, ripped apart by demigods. His eyes, cobalt globes of fire and fury, broke apart in a million pieces, many of which landed in the village of Ratna Purna, Sri Lanka — where even today we source our ethically-mined sapphires.     Read more > or view our Sapphire Collection




The Vine: Celtic Tree Zodiac for August

September, called Muin by the Celts, is the time of the vine. The vine itself is like a green fuse, rising up from the Mother with intensity. Fast growing, prolific, intimately connected to whatever it touches; each type of vine has a certain energetic perspective.     Read more >


The Wedding Ring and the Celtic World

In the Celtic world, wedding rings were made popular through the influence of the Romans and Christianity. In Celtic culture, marriage was treated like a contract between equals. Each contributed an equal amount of wealth to the marriage — and if one survived the other, they would inherit all.    Read more >


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