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December Birthstone: Turquoise

Turquoise has widely been used as a talismanic gem. Bracelets were found on the arm of the Egyptian queen, Zer, 7500 years old. The gem represented the Egyptian gods Amum and Isis. Aztecs, Mayan, Persians and Babylonians are just a few of the cultures that have valued turquoise over the millennia. In Roman times, even leading into medieval Europe, physicians ground up the stone and used it to treat eye diseases and skin inflammations.    Read more > or view our Turquoise Collection



The Elder Tree: Celtic Tree Zodiac for December

The Elder tree embodies the seasonal energy of diminishing of light, the last leaves dropping, the plant’s concentrated essence sinking into the root, the quietude and mystery of the earth itself in a wintery landscape. This is a time of endings and beginnings, the least light and the return of the sun toward a longer day... completion and rebirth. It is a time when there are fewer distractions and the boundaries between the unseen and seen are thin. It is a story time.    Read more >


A Solstice Story: First Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Long, long ago, when those who tracked the earth knew they were made of star light...when gods and goddesses lived among us, whispering between the beats of our hearts...Frigga, the Norse sky goddess, stood under the mistletoe. She kissed all who stepped beneath the sacred plant crying tears of happiness and celebration for the resurrection of  Balder, the god of the summer sun. Balder was the son Frigga.  He had had a prophetic dream of his impending death.    Read more >


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