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August Birthstone: Peridot

If you are haunted by vague terrors in the night — those meandering demons, night hags and phantoms that wander bedside between the arsenic hours of two and four, when sleep is as illusive as hems from the moon's yellow skirt — peridot might be just the gem for you.    Read more > or view our Peridot Collection




Hazel : Celtic Tree Zodiac for August

The Hazel Tree is tied to inspiration and wisdom. August is the time when the summer ripens and mellows. The pumpkins are green, their orbs increasing in size by the day. Occasionally, a hint of autumn drifts through the air.    Read more >


Celtic Wedding Customs and Traditions

Celtic wedding customs and traditions come from clear springs, the reverence of sweet water straight from the rock and soil. These customs were inspired by the fragile beauty of forest flowers, the moonlight, and the constant turn of seasons over the years.    Read more >


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