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My Day of the Dead Gold and Silver Skulls

Helen Chantler 10/20/2017
Day of the dead is a time when we can play with death, which effects us all but we have absolutely no control over. For me making these skulls ties into this mischief and festivity.
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The Worldwide Sacred Geometry Inspiring Our Jewelry

Helen Chantler, Lead Designer 11/23/2016

Celtic knots are a form of sacred geometry that symbolize the interconnectedness of all things. They represent the eternal web and the continuous cycling of existence. Because they are universal and essential to human experience, knot motifs are found throughout the world, from Tibet to Indonesia, to the tribal cultures of Africa. 

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Celtic Bracelets: Torques, Talismans, And Treasures

Marc Choyt 11/23/2016

Evidence points to the evolution of Celtic bracelets from unique, ornate, and symbolically powerful items called "torques." Torques were crafted most often from silver or gold. They were perfectly circular and probably fit fairly tightly around the neck of warriors, priests, and noblewomen. 

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The Celtic Cross

Marc Choyt 11/23/2016

Emerging in roughly the 5th Century CE, the Celtic cross is an enduring symbol marking both cultural identity and religious faith. Adopted by Protestants and Catholics alike as a symbol of Christ-consciousness, the Celtic cross also has broad significance as a marker of cultural identity and heritage. 

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Celtic Wedding and Engagement Ring Symbolism

Marc Choyt 11/22/2016

For as long as recorded history, humankind has sought to distill the apparent order of the natural world and the cosmos into patterns, shapes, figures, and designs. The awe-inspiring combination of both beauty and simplicity of these symbolic forms makes them well-suited to use in Celtic wedding rings. 

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