fb_lunar_hareThe full moon will dip into Earth's shadow tonight, producing a lunar eclipse that can be seen by keen observers around the world. An eclipse is the most powerful tool the universe uses to affect change. It will illuminate a situation in a new way so that we view it differently. Events move on fast forward at eclipse time, but it is important not to jump to conclusions…additional information related to the topic that comes up now will be revealed later, within weeks.

Be patient, and take time to reflect on all you hear. In Celtic animal symbology, rabbits and hares are connected with the moon and so they run full circle with her cycles. The rabbit talks to us about conception, conceiving new ideas and holding them in our fertile minds and hearts until they are ready to give birth in their own perfect timing (just as the moon would have it). Rabbits are burrowers and their deep, maze-like tunnels symbolize connections with primal energy as well as Mother Earth energies.

The rabbit encourages us to retreat within, get warm, and collect ourselves. They also prompt us to connect with the Mother in deeper ways. Rabbits prefer to be on the ground; they are true earth element animals. We cannot help but be reminded of groundedness in their presence. These animals are about body and soul.

Consider the amazing perceptive abilities of the rabbit. Radar-like hearing and near 360 degree vision speak of sensitivity. The rabbit reminds us to examine and utilize the tools we have within ourselves. If Rabbit/Hare calls to you as a totem you would like to work with, you’ll find our Celtic Hare Pendant here.