Solarium Pendant

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This design has a ring of Celtic Leaves around a 4mm Amethyst.

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This design has a ring of Celtic Leaves around a 4mm Amethyst.Sterling Silver

Dimensions 1 3/8" Long X 1 1/8" Wide

Designer Information

Paulina RamerezPaulina Ramerez is an international jewelry designer, having studied art in a wide range of cultural milieus. She was born in Santiago, Chile, where she worked at a young age under the tutelage of some of the most famous Chilean jewelers, developing a reputation for refined and exquisite metal work. In her older designs, you can still see the influence of the Spanish and tribal art forms of her lineage; a neo-techno fusion of craftsmanship where even the most outlandish and contemporary forms can be traced back to the influences of her specific native terra firma.

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