Orkney Pendant

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This medium size pendant has intricately beautiful knot work; it's a piece that you can wear casually or to work, yet classic enough to wear on a more formal occasion.

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Here's a bold pendant, the sort of piece with a classic line and design that you can wear to an office job or an evening out. The design itself features four trinities. In Celtic myth and lore, trinity symbolizes the earth, heavens and underworld, and past, present and future. In this design, they converge and merging toward a center place, symbolizing balance on your entire journey.

14K Gold over Silver

Dimensions: 1 1/8" Long x 7/8" Wide

Meaning of Knot
Trinity Knot:
This knot represents the notion of Trinity, three aspects from one unity. The three interwoven points represent the connections between three related aspects of life, such as body, mind and spirit. In ancient Celtic goddess lore, this knot symbolized the maiden, mother, and wise old woman, and the earth, heavens and underworld. The symmetrical lines suggest harmonious and balanced flow between the three aspects. Helen Chantler

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